RXT-6000 Module



The RXT-6000 module, with the latest technology in pluggable physical interfaces, is a perfect complement to the RXT Platform, extending its testing range to 100 Gbps. Installation, commissioning, monitoring and maintenance of Ethernet, Fibre Channel, OTN and SDH/SONET networks is simplified thanks to a combination of intuitive features and powerful test functions. Fast troubleshooting and comprehensive analysis of transmission problems can be performed using its common graphical user interface. Novice users benefit from the easy-to-use GUI, while experienced users will appreciate an array of advanced features such as OTL/PCS, CAUI-4/XLAUI Lane BERT, Service Disruption, overhead monitor/control, Tandem Connection Monitoring, Protocol Capture/Decode, BERT, Throughput test, and much more.



  • CFP2 interface for 100GE and OTU4 applications
  • QSFP+ for 40GE, OTU3 and STL256.4
  • SFP+ for 100Base-FX, 1000Base-X, 10GEBase-X, OTU2/2e/1e, STM-64/OC192, and Fibre Channel 1/2/4/8/10G applications
  • RJ45 for 10/100/1000Base-T applications
  • External clock interface
  • 150ppm clock offset generation
  • Eye diagram reference clock output
  • Soft LED indicators

Ethernet Testing

  • Optical 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps Ethernet testing
  • Electrical 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet testing
  • Optical Lane BERT and CAUI-4/XLAUI Lane BERT
  • PCS Layer Testing with Skew generation/monitoring
  • Multi-stream testing up to 32 independent streams
  • IEEE 802.3ah, ITU-T Y.1731, IEEE 802.1ag, and MPLS-TP OAM support
  • Q in Q (VLAN stacking), MPLS, MPLS-TP, PBB, EoE support
  • MAC flooding and VLAN flooding
  • RFC2544 and V-SAM (Y.1564) testing
  • Service Disruption Measurements
  • IPv4 and IPv6 traffic generation
  • BERT and Throughput testing at Layer 2 and Layer 3
  • Smart Loopback mode for Layer 2 and Layer 3
  • One-Way-Delay latency measurement (GPS assisted)
  • Line rate packet capture with Wireshark™ decode
  • Error and Alarm Injection


  • STL256.4, STM-256, OC-768
  • STM-0 to STM-64, OC-1 to OC-192
  • Available as Line Rate or mapped into OTUk payload
  • Test payload multiplexing down to VC11/VT1.5 with PDH and Dsn

OTN Testing

  • OTN testing for OTU1, OTU2, OTU1e, OTU2e, OTU3 and OTU4
  • Complete multi-stage Mapping/Multiplexing
  • Ethernet over OTN
  • Service Disruption measurements
  • Tandem Connection Monitoring
  • Overhead monitoring and byte decoding
  • Terminate, payload through and line through test modes
  • Payload and Line through monitor modes
  • Per-lane optical power and frequency measurements
  • External clock reference interface
  • Histogram Analysis

CFP2/QSFP+ Support

  • Optical lane BERT
  • PCS layer testing with skew generation/monitoring
  • Transmit and receive optical power measurement
  • Module status display

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