Tool Kits: JW5002N


JW5002N Fiber Inspection and Cleaning Kits includes everything you need to perform inspection and cleaning of the fiber end faces, including Fiber Patch Cords, Bulkhead connections/In-adaptor ferrules and fibers in preparation for splicing applications. This tool kits contains following items:

  1. JW5005N Probe Fiber Microscope with 200x magnification - 1pcs.
    • To perform fiber inspections on both patch cords and bulkhead adapters.
    • Including patch cords inspection tips of Univ. 2.5mm and Univ. 1.25mm;
    • Bulkhead inspection tips of FC/PC,SC/PC, ST/PC and LC/PC.
  2. JW3105P Visual Fault Locator - 1pcs.
    • Visually checking breakpoints, poor connections, bending or cracking in fiber optic cables.
  3. JW5006 Fiber Connector Cleaner(QAM Cleaner) - 1pcs.
    • To perform patch cords cleaning.
  4. JW5008 Pen-style Fiber Cleaner (HuxCleaner) - 2.5mm & 1.25mm - 1pcs of each.
    • To perform bulkhead/in-adaptor ferrule cleaning.
  5. Alcohol Bump Bottle - 1pcs.
  6. Cleaning Cotton Swabs - 2pouch.
  7. Hard Carrying case - 1pc.

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